Born and raised in....

quaint Western Pennsylvania, it didn't take William long after high school to realize that there is a big world waiting to be explored. Shortly after graduating from Robert Morris University, William moved to Stuttgart, Germany for work and quickly learned it was easy to grab attention by playing guitar and singing in the busy German streets. Even though his work pulled him all over the world, including places like Bangkok, Moscow, Singapore and all through Europe, William was always writing music. Upon returning to the U.S., William started his first music project, Somerhill, with friends from the Pittsburgh area. With life happening to many of the band members, William decided to follow a calling to serve in impoverished communities through out the world. So he went to Kampala, Uganda and obtained a master's degree in International Development. After leaving Uganda, William moved to Nicaragua where he was in charge of building hospitals and medical clinics to provide high quality health care for the Nicaragua people. 

Through all of this William has been constantly collecting stories and writing songs about his experiences along the way. Now back in the Kennett Square, PA. William is preparing to release is first full length album that has remnants from all of his journeys. Bringing in some of his long time friends and talented musicians, Jason Bafile, Jonathan Beard and Dan Oatman from the bands 214 Spit and This Island Earth, a whole new sound is being birthed.

If you were to capture capture the moments of change in the lives of humans, the mundane and the astounding, then turn them into catchy melodies- you would be describing the music of William Rose. Collected stories from his travels around the world are what fuels the sounds and emotive lyrics within William's music combined with indie rock, alternative pop and folk influences. Whether performing solo or full band, William always delivers a passionate, high energy and heart-felt performance that makes you feel like you were the one creating each moment shared in every one of his songs